Rachel Blazer

Boston University, ’18

AEA was and always will be more than a school for me. It is where I felt supported, where I excelled, and where I was able to enter the greater world the best version of myself. I would not have been able to graduate one of the top universities in the country or enter a job at one of the most highly respected workplaces in my field without the skills and lessons I learned at AEA. Albert Einstein Academy provided me with more than I could have ever expected. It transcends a physical building to become an educational environment that I am proud I got the chance to be a part of.

Hannah Elzer

UC Berkeley, ’19

I would not be the person I am today without the guidance and instruction of AEA teachers and staff. I was endlessly supported inside and outside of the classroom, the environment always feeling more like a tight-knit family than a sea of student ID numbers. This kind of culture allows students to take risks knowing that if they fall short there are people that will catch them. When university acceptances rolled in, I was unsurprised to see that I got into every single one of my top choices for schools. With the incredible preparation and care that AEA delivers, anything but the best is not an option.

Nicholas Jadidian


The community of AEA during high school and junior high school was the most essential element of my academic success and social maturity, and the caring staff and parents daily demonstrated the value of holding our community, our leaders and our work accountable to high standards.

Aileen Kim


AEA was a great place for me to explore my interests in a comfortable, intellectual environment that fostered community and individuality.