About Us


Albert Einstein Academy for Letters, Arts and Sciences (AEALAS) seeks to prepare students for 21st century careers and lives as members of society through an interdisciplinary educational experience that is rich in exposure to the following languages: English and High Priority World Languages. In addition, the Academy’s curriculum will provide students with tools to develop their intellectual, artistic, physical, technological, and social competencies, allowing them to graduate with a deep understanding of the relationships among disciplines, and the ability to continuously develop their intellectual integrity and curiosity through a lifelong love of learning.


Albert Einstein Academy for Letters, Arts and Sciences (AEALAS) is a non-profit, co-educational, open enrollment, public school group serving grades K-12. The first campus opened in 2010 and has since become an internationally acclaimed network of schools serving thousands of students and their families.


During the first two years of operation the school has earned full accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), gained admission into the highest tiers of interscholastic sports federations.


Fostering an awareness of the importance of public participation, all Academy students will have the opportunity to participate in student governance through regular meetings of the entire school community. Community service learning will extend students’ leadership opportunities. All students are required to perform an allotted number of community service hours. Most students go beyond the prescribed minimum. Elementary students start with a minimum of 25 community service hours each year, moving up to 100 hours for High School students.


Offering a comprehensive curriculum, AEALAS requires all students to complete a rigorous college preparatory program. AEALAS graduation requirements meet or exceed college requirements in all subject areas. Each yearlong course at AEALAS provides 10.0 units of credit, 5.0 units issued for each semester passed. The maximum course load a student may take is 70 units per year. Class periods are 50 minutes in length, with a abbreviated block schedule, and all students are also enrolled in thirty-minute Advisory periods each day. There are a growing number of Advanced Placement and Honors courses offered (see list on next page). The AP program is open to all students who would like to participate. There are ample opportunities for students to participate in the performing and fine arts. Likewise, there are more than 15 interscholastic athletic teams from which students may chose. International student travel is available and has included trips to Australia, Israel, Western Europe, China, and North Africa.


A Framework for Teaching Across the Disciplines
Science & Technology interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements. STEAM Education aims to bring FUNctional literacy to all. It promotes bridging the gap between business and educational goals to create a more productive and sustainable global culture based on teamwork. This educational framework is for all disciplines and types of learners with the goal of being more engaging and naturally successful for all members of any educational system.